Wednesday, January 23, 2019

... Warmer ...

Today ... Showers & Warmer ... Windy at Night
A warm front is passing through the region bringing in warmer air with it and some light showers. There might be some periods of sunshine this afternoon which will warm the air even more. Highs could warm in the low to mid 70s if enough sunshine prevails, otherwise, expect highs in the upper 60s to near 70. See the FORECAST TEMPERATURES for your area. Winds will become blustery during the night from the south. See the FORECAST WINDS for your area. A cold front will advance toward the region overnight with a band of showers and some thunder overnight, more likely near daybreak. Some of this rain could be heavy at times. Check out the FORECAST RAIN AMOUNTS for your area. Temperatures will be in the mid to upper 60s during the early morning hours and fall into the 50s during the afternoon. This will be followed by clearing and cooler weather for the remainder of the week through the weekend

Fantastic Total Lunar Eclipse:
The sky in our region was totally clear for the total eclipse of the moon Sunday night. In case you missed it, I took several pictures. Click on any picture for a full view.

9:40 PM

10:30 PM

10:40 PM

10:45 PM

10:50 PM

10:55 PM

11:00 PM

11:05 PM

11:10 PM

11:15 PM

11:20 PM

11:25 PM

11:30 PM

11:35 PM

11:40 PM

11:45 PM

11:50 PM

11:55 PM

12:00 AM

12:05 AM

12:10 AM

12:15 AM (Maximum)

12:20 AM

12:25 AM

12:30 AM

12:35 AM

12:45 AM

12:55 AM

1:05 AM

1:15 AM

1:25 AM

1:35 AM

1:45 AM

1:55 AM

Maximum Eclipse


As per requests, I made this composite image of the lunar eclipse suitable for printing ...
TIF File (29 Megabytes)
JPEG File (1 Megabytes)

So, what elese is up in the Nighttime Sky Now? Click Here to Gander at the Autumn Nights Sky

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