Sunday, December 16, 2018

More Clouds Than Sun

Clouds continue to persist over the region with a few patches of sunshine. This pattern will continue through the day with partial clearing tonight. Temperatures will warm to around 60 and drop tonight in the low to mid 40s.

Wet December December has been wet with 7 inches of rain during the first half of the month. Normal rainfall for the entire month is 2.95". And, more rain is likely during the second half. The next system will arrive either late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning and remain through Thursday evening with one or 2 more inches possible. Another rain system is possible around the Christmas time and near the end of the month.

MILD Temperatures
That rain event, as of the last several, and the next ones to follow, are all from systems that first develop in the Pacific ocean and are carried eastward across the southern states via the sub-tropical jet stream. This pattern will persist for at least the next two weeks, blocking the cold polar jet stream from dipping southward into our region. Temperatures will remain mild for the next 1 to 2 weeks. The outlook for Christmas is for temperatures to flirt with 70. See the FORECAST TEMPERATURES for your area.

Backyard Astronomical Picture:
The "Old moon in the New Moon's Cradle" ...
The Waxing Crescent moon Tuesday night.
I took this picture Tuesday evening as the waxing crescent moon was still high in the western sky. To see the "old moon", I took two pictures, one just to capture the crescent moon. The second picture was greatly overexposed to illuminate the dark side of the moon. I then combined the two in Photoshop to get the visual effect. The 'dark' side of the moon is illuminated somewhat by refected 'earth-shine'. So, what elese is up in the Nighttime Sky Now? Click Here to Gander at the Autumn Nights Sky

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