My Next Project ... The Eagle Nebula (Messier 16)
... This is a Test Shot ...

I took this image on the night of Monday, August 27, 2018, in my backyard. Exposure time (for the image) was 39 minutes. This nebula is medium high in the south at midnight on this date (just above the planet Saturn (in appearance). My future plan is to take a 2-3 hour exposure of this great nebula.

Pillars of Creation
Contained within this nebula is the famous "Pillars of Creation", three magnificent pillars of interstellar gas and dust where new stars are being created. This nebula is relatively close to us at a distance of 7,000 light-years. The approximately 450 stars within it are about 5.5 million years old, compared to our sun's 4.6 billion years of age.

Techy Stuff:
Telescope: 11" Celestron Edge HD with 0.7x field reducer converting the focus ratio to f/7
Mount: CGEM ii
Camera: Canon T7i (modified for astrophotography)
Capture software: Backyard EOS v3.1.16 Premium Edition
Guiding: PHD 2 (RMS error: 0.92 ... i.e. decent tracking)
Light Frames: 13 at 180 seconds with ISO setting 1600
Dark Frames: 8 at 180 seconds with ISO setting 1600
Bias Frames: 10
Filter: Baader UHC-S
Stacked in PixInsight
Post Processed in Photoshop CC
Seeing Conditions: 7 (0-10, where 0 is total cloud cover)
Bortle Light-Pollution zone: 7 (can barely see the Milkyway)
Temperature: 78F, Dew Point 72
Location: Backyard, Savannah GA

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