Current weather at Coffee Bluff:Temp: 73.3Heat Index: 73Dew Point: 64.1Max: 83.2Min: 63.5Rainfall today: 0.00Time: 9:15p

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Discussion: ...Only FANTASTIC weather today

Friday, September 20, 2019

Extremely fine end of summer weather is upon us with pleasant morning temperatures and a rich blue sky. The afternoons will warm into the mid 80s but with low relative humidity values. There will be a few clouds along the coastal areas along with a few showers just offshore. See the FORECAST HIGH/LOW TEMPERATURES for your area. This fine weather will persist through the weekend. Autumn officially begins when the apparent position of the sun crosses the equator and that will be Monday, September 23, 2019, at 3:50 am EDT. And with that, just the opposite weather will return ... back into the 90s.

Tropical Weather
Thursday Morning Summary:
Tropical storm "Jerry" is category 1 hurricane but it doesn't seem to be a concern to us as it is expected to remain well east of GA/SC, curving northward later in the period then toward the NE. However, it could be a threat to Bermuda Tuesday and Wednesday which was just ravaged by Hurricane Humberto. The wave following Jerry should remain as a 'fish' storm curving nortward farther eastward than Jerry and remain in the central Atlantic.
More info available at The National Hurricane Center's website.

Weather Discussion:
A complete & comprehensive meteorological discussion is available from the National Weather Service, Charleston and from the NWS, Jacksonville, FL

Heavenly Backyard Astronomy

The Helix Nebula ... NGC 7293
I took this picture on the night of September 19, 2019 ...
This 'planetary' Nebula is sometimes called the "Eye of God" and is quite close to us being only around 665 light-years away. It is the result of a star near the end of its life with its outer shell being blown outward with the inner resultant star shrinking down to what is known as a white dwarf. A white dwarf is extremely compressed matter so dense that it would be as if the mass of our sun would be compressed to the size of the earth. In comparison, a black hole is even denser with that mass compacted down to the size of 2-mile diameter ball! The observed glow of the central star is so energetic that it causes the previously expelled gases to brightly fluoresce.
The Helix nebula is low in the southern sky at midnight in mid-September.
. ... Click on Picture for full view ...

For more of my astro pics, please visit my astronomy blog. Click on the image for a larger view.

So, what elese is up in the Nighttime Sky Now? Click Here to Gander at the Summertime Nights Sky

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Pat's 6 Week Weather Outlook

Sep 20-Sep 27
Above Normal
Normal High = 84 ... Low = 66
Precip: Below Normal
(Normal = 0.84" per week)
Sep 28-Oct 4
Above Normal
Normal High = 83 ... Low = 63
Precip: Around Normal
(Normal = 1.05" per week)
Oct 5-Oct 11
Above Normal
Normal High = 81 ... Low = 61
Precip: Slightly Above Normal
(Normal = 0.98" per week)

Oct 12-Oct 18
Above Normal
Normal High = 79 ... Low = 58
Precip: Around Normal
(Normal = 0.91" per week)
Oct 19-Oct 25
Above Normal
Normal High = 77 ... Low = 56
Precip: Around Normal
(Normal = 0.77" per week)
Oct 26-Nov 1
Above Normal
Normal High = 75 ... Low = 53
Precip: Slightly Below Normal
(Normal = 0.56" per week)

This is a new product that I have been watching from Tropical Tidbits Climate Models. This is not a forecast but just an 'outlook'. Keep in mind, the 7 day period is the average of those days with some days above the values and other could be below the values. This is used to get a better idea as to what to expect (maybe).

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Mon Min:64 ... Max:89... Day PoP:03% Night PoP:04%
Tue Min:66 ... Max:91... Day PoP:05% Night PoP:06%
Wed Min:69 ... Max:92... Day PoP:09% Night PoP:07%
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